PTFE / Teflon - The Right Way To Go

Be careful when buying AN fittings and stainless steel lines, because they are not all the same!

Most of the braided stainless steel lines and fittings that you can buy actually have a rubber (EPDM or NBR) interior. Some competing products advertise a special coating on the inside of the rubber to make them resistant to ethanol and certain other chemicals. We think this is wrong wrong wrong. Why would you use a material that isn't 100% resistant to the chemicals in your application?

PTFE / Teflon with stainless steel has much greater chemical and pressure resistance compared to the stainless steel lines that have rubber on the inside. They're a little harder to install, but are practically invincible after that. Why not do a little more (and spend a little less) to get it right the first time?

PTFE is actually the same chemical compound as Teflon, but the word Teflon is owned by DuPont, which is why PTFE is a more common way of describing them.

Braided Stainless Steel PTFE / Teflon lines are great for replacing many factory rubber hoses such as rubber fuel lines, brake lines, and clutch lines. PTFE / Teflon does not deteriorate or bulge with age like rubber does, and has far superior chemical resistance. The stainless steel outside keeps the inner diameter uniform, allowing faster and more efficient fluid transfer (this means a firmer, more responsive pedal feel when replacing brake lines.) The stainless steel outside also keeps the lines looking shiny, new and professional all the time, and prevents damage to the inner hose.

Check out what some people are saying about rubber (EPDM / NBR) and the superior PTFE / Teflon stainless steel lines on the web:

"I need to switch over to Teflon lined fuel hose on my hot rod. I have always used Earls style ss braided hose and aluminum fittings, hose ends. The rubber hose has started to leak with age."

-Customer email

I had bought pushlock hose from someone else last week. Right away I smelled gas through the rubber. It was a well known brand. To be honest I bought a bunch of the Teflon hose and fittings from you and should get them in a day or two.

-Customer email

"Teflon hose will not smell, the regular braided hose will."


"So I'm putting my gas analyzer to use and am now able to truly pinpoint the source of that pesky fuel odor that I'm stuck with.... It's definitely the braided lines that I"m using for supply/return. All up and down the lines, when I put the sniffer to them, the HC's shoot up to 40-50 ppm compared to 0-2 ppm for normal air and around the rest of the engine compartment."


"Is there a braided line on the market that does not emit gas fumes? I've had the same problem with both Russell and Earl's braided hoses"... "Welcome to the world of braided hoses Ray. You're definately not the only one to have an "odor problem.""


"I have a total of ~5' of Russell stainless braided hose on my Nova and the fuel permeation odor is AWFUL. When parking it in my garage the smell lasts for at least a week and I have to crack the door (thereby letting the a/c & heat escape) to get the smell out." ... "In our opinion, all the stainless steel braided hoses have this fuel permeation issue."


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