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Carbon Fiber 45
Carbon Fiber 45

2.5" Carbon Fiber 45 Elbow

CBN009667 by Silicone Intake Systems

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Use our carbon fiber intake pipes for maximum weight savings, intake air insulation and good looks.

There are many plastic parts on the market painted to look like carbon fiber, but our carbon fiber intake pipes are made of genuine hand-laid carbon fiber.

Aluminum and stainless steel pipes are formed in straight sections and then bent into the desired shape. But carbon fiber elbows are formed to the target shape in the first place, so there is no danger of a non-uniform bend.

  • Carbon fiber intake pipes weigh approximately 40% less than comparable parts made of aluminum
  • Carbon fiber intake pipes do not corrode or rust like metal
  • Carbon fiber intake pipes insulate better than aluminum, keeping your intake air cooler than the engine bay temperature
  • Installer can cut carbon fiber parts down to fit
  • Heat tolerance: 302 F
  • Burst Pressure: 2900 PSI
Carbon Fiber 45

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