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Carbon Air Filter

Air Filter with Splash Guard - Carbon Fiber, 2.5" inlet

AIR002009 by Silicone Intake Systems

PRICE: $16.99

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A universal, high-flowing air filter for cold air intake installation on a round pipe.

These air filters have a special splash guard integrated into their design. This means you can mount them in areas that are lower to the ground than standard cold air intake filters with less worry of sucking up water into your intake.

If you get too much water in your intake, you can easily destroy your turbo and even your entire engine block! Switch to this style of filter right away to minimize the risk. You can even attach ducting to the end of these to make sure you only feed the very coldest air to your engine.

As you would expect, the splash guards on these filters are not real carbon fiber, but a lightweight plastic painted with a carbon fiber look pattern. There is absolutely no benefit in having actual carbon fiber on this part since it is not a load-bearing part and it already weighs under two pounds, and genuine carbon fiber would double or triple the price! Similar products also use painted plastic instead of genuine carbon fiber although they might not mention it.

Total Length: 6.25"

Filter Length: 5.25"

Diameter at Widest Point (base): 6.75"

Diameter at Tip: 4.0"

Dry Paper Filter, No Oil Required

Easy to install

Fully washable and reusable

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